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ver the last seven years or so I have done a fair few 200Tdi (and more re­cently 300Tdi) swaps on older Nine­tys and One Tens.

Take the still-beat­ing heart of a ter­mi­nally-rot­ten Dis­cov­ery, clean off 20 years’ worth of grime and grot, make a few mi­nor mod­i­fi­ca­tions and you have, the best all-round en­gine con­ver­sion you could wish for. In­stant cold start­ing, bags of low-end torque and 30-35 mpg.

Ad­mit­tedly Tdis are noisy, not es­pe­cially re­fined (like most big four-cylin­der en­gines) and in stan­dard form will only raise your Land Rover’s per­for­mance from ‘piti­fully slow’ to ‘just about keeps up with the traf­fic’.

But th­ese con­ver­sions are as­ton­ish­ingly ro­bust, very hard to kill, suf­fer from few sig­nif­i­cant de­sign weak­nesses, and are good for 250k or more be­tween re­builds given the oc­ca­sional oil change.

In the early days, ev­ery Tdi con­ver­sion I did was slightly dif­fer­ent to the one be­fore, as I tried out dif­fer­ent in­stal­la­tion tech­niques. I am still play­ing around with ex­haust mount­ings even now.

But, by and large, I now have my own fixed way of do­ing things, and all the con­ver­sions I carry out fol­low the same pro­ce­dure and pat­tern. The main is­sues are mat­ing the Dis­cov­ery fly­wheel hous­ing to the LT77 gear­box, fit­ting the air cleaner so that it is ac­ces­si­ble for main­te­nance and doesn’t get in the way of the in­ter­cooler pipes, and ar­rang­ing the lat­ter so that they clear all the other

0me­chan­i­cal bits. With in­ter­cooler, top ra­di­a­tor hose, air cleaner and power steer­ing pipework to worry about, the man­i­fold side of a 200Tdi con­ver­sion can get a bit crowded, while a 300Tdi (with that high-mounted wa­ter pump) is even worse.

I’m not by any means the first and only per­son drop­ping old Tdi lumps into even older Land Rovers. As I have said be­fore, I look af­ter an early Ninety that was con­verted to Tdi power al­most 15 years be­fore I did my first one. So the

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