There’s leg room in the Range Rover for lanky Char­lie – at last

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or years I have had my long-legged 6ft 4in frame scrunched up in in early Range Rovers with the fixed steer­ing wheel po­si­tion. In my three-door it started to get a bit un­com­fort­able so I de­cided to raise the steer­ing wheel. A web search took me to Ex­moor Trim and I noted that they do a nice re­mov­able steer­ing wheel kit, so I or­dered one.

Could it be an anti-theft de­vice as well, I think that’s de­bate­able re­ally? It seems to me with this thiev­ing epi­demic we are all go­ing through at the mo­ment in Landy land, the scum that do this are able to steal any­thing they take a fancy to.

The kit comes in four parts; the boss to re­place the old steer­ing wheel, the lock ring on top of that, the other lock part that you fit to the new wheel, and the wheel it­self. It can be a drama get­ting the old steer­ing wheel off and many peo­ple may tell you to get a ham­mer and give the spokes of the wheel a thump. My ad­vice, don’t do it, be­cause if you hit it too hard you could shake the gub­bins in­side the wheel con­sole and break one of the stalk con­trols. I know this be­cause I have done just that. I have also yanked a steer­ing wheel and its come off and given me a black eye and a bloody nose.

Eas­ier to get or bor­row a puller and the wheel will pop off safely with­out da­m­age. It’s just a mat­ter now of fit­ting the parts in


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