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IT’S WORTH buy­ing a tyre tread depth in­di­ca­tor to keep a check on tread wear pat­terns. Worn or in­cor­rectly ad­justed sus­pen­sion and steer­ing com­po­nents can rapidly cause un­even wear of the tyre treads. Take three read­ings of the tread depth, and note them down to make a per­ma­nent record for mon­i­tor­ing the wear. It’s best to take the read­ings at the valve po­si­tion so they can be taken at the same po­si­tion at the next ser­vice, thus mak­ing a true com­par­i­son of how the tyre is wear­ing. This al­lows ad­verse wear pat­terns to be spot­ted early, and re­me­dial work car­ried out well be­fore the tyre is ru­ined. Check for rim da­m­age on both edges. Mi­nor kerb marks here need the cor­ro­sion rubbed back and touched up with la­quer to pre­vent it spread­ing. Check that treads have an even wear rate across the width. If one tyre is un­evenly worn, sus­pect sus­pen­sion de­fects and ex­pect han­dling is­sues. Check all tyre pres­sures are to spec­i­fi­ca­tion when cold. In­spect the in­ner and outer side­walls for cuts, swelling and other dis­tor­tion. Check the se­cu­rity and condition of this elec­tri­cal har­ness con­nec­tor on the chas­sis in the left rear wheel arch. Best to cover it.

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