[Phil Wedg­wood, it ex­ec­u­tive, Manch­ester] 2014 Dis­cov­ery 4 Hse LUX

Land Rover Monthly - - Work In Progress -

Why a Dis­cov­ery 4? I’ve al­ways wanted a Dis­cov­ery. I have three chil­dren and we all love the out­doors and ex­plor­ing. But it’s also my daily driver so I needed some­thing that looks good, goes any­where, is com­fort­able, has loads of room and seven seats – some­thing that would suit both Lara Croft and James Bond!

What are your plans for it? I had to pre­pare it for a life both off- and on-road. Stan­dard 20-inch wheels can go most places but when off-road­ing the stan­dard wheels and tyres are not ideal and one can quickly ruin them. I wanted my Dis­cov­ery 4 to look cool but still go any­where and I de­cided to use Prospeed in York for this. The plan is to get it ex­pe­di­tion-ready and we have just com­pleted the first phase of the build.

What have you done so far? I’ve up­graded the wheels and tyres, given it a 2in lift and added rock and tree slid­ers, snorkel, roof rack, work lights and full un­der­body pro­tec­tion. Then I took some in­spi­ra­tion from my lo­cal sta­dium, Old Traf­ford, and added some Lazer lights. I can eas­ily light up a foot­ball pitch with them.

Which off-road tyres and wheels? I went for 18in Cooper STT tyres and Com­po­mo­tive wheels. They work very well and help in­crease the ride height. I find the ride much softer now, es­pe­cially when off-road. The ex­tra side­wall depth is also a mas­sive ad­van­tage when mount­ing the kerbs on the school run.

What are your next jobs? Spare wheel car­rier, ex­tra fuel tank, air com­pres­sor, in­verter, waf­fle board mounts, dual bat­tery sys­tem, CB ra­dio and an up­graded NAV sys­tem. I would like to in­ves­ti­gate off-road stor­age and fridge op­tions. Plus it will need a winch.

You like your ad­ven­tures, then... I plan to ship it to Ice­land for a fam­ily hol­i­day. Af­ter that more trips in the UK, EU and be­yond. My Dis­cov­ery fits my ad­ven­ture life­style per­fectly. What trips have you done in it so far? The week af­ter I pur­chased it I took the fam­ily to the south of Spain in it. On the way we stopped in the Pyre­nees for a few days. I have also gone green­lan­ing in the Peak District and Wales.

What is the hard­est part of this project? Keep­ing the white leather seats clean.

When will it be fin­ished? Never. All good things should never come to an end though I hope that we will be done by the end of this year.

Who is help­ing you with the project? Prospeed Group in York. What they don't know about Dis­cos isn't worth know­ing.

What other Land Rovers do you own? I was so im­pressed with my Disco that I pur­chased a Range Rover Evoque for the wife. That is strictly for on-road though. For me the Dis­cov­ery is the only car that can cred­i­bly and ac­tu­ally do any­thing and ev­ery­thing.

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