Dis­cov­ery 2 and De­fender

Re­pair­ing a warped Td5 ex­haust man­i­fold

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Has the Td5 en­gine in your Dis­cov­ery 2 or De­fender de­vel­oped a high-pitched whis­tle or squeal from the en­gine bay? If it has, the chances are that your ex­haust man­i­fold has be­come warped and will have bro­ken a stud or two – or pulled the studs from the cylin­der head. The squeal that one hears is the ex­haust gases be­ing ex­pelled un­der high pres­sure through the tiny gap that has opened up be­tween the man­i­fold and the cylin­der head.

The tem­per­a­tures gen­er­ated within the Td5 ex­haust man­i­fold can be quite ex­treme. When the en­gine is driven very hard or if it’s highly tuned or per­haps do­ing a lot of heavy tow­ing, the tem­per­a­tures be­come so great that the ten­dency for the man­i­fold to warp is stronger than the studs hold­ing it in place. It is most com­mon for a stud at the front or rear of the en­gine to break first. A tell-tale sign will be sooty de­posits around the man­i­fold and cylin­der head. There might also be a drop in per­for­mance, lower power and re­duced fuel econ­omy.


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