"A lot of peo­ple who live on boats also drive Land Rovers"

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sign writer who will be giv­ing their boat, named Has­sle, a new paint job.

Has­sle is 62 feet long and was built in 1999, al­though it is pow­ered by a 1948 Lis­ter three-cylin­der diesel en­gine that runs as sweetly as any sewing ma­chine.

When­ever they set off on a water­borne jour­ney, Dan and his dad ex­pect to make new friends along the way.

“The peo­ple who live on boats on the river are one big com­mu­nity. We all help each other out,” says Dan. “And fun­nily enough a lot of them drive Land Rovers. Maybe it’s be­cause it doesn’t mat­ter if they get muddy or you have to wade through wa­ter. If it gets in un­der the doors you just let it drain back out again! You couldn’t do that with any other car.”

Other fans of Dan’s Se­ries III in­clude his dog, Ella, an 11-year-old springer spaniel/labrador cross that loves noth­ing bet­ter than curl­ing up and sleep­ing in the back of the Land Rover.

But Ella is a work­ing dog, help­ing Dan in his part-time role as a shep­herd, just as the Se­ries III is a work­ing Land Rover. It has proved par­tic­u­larly use­ful in times of flood, when get­ting to the boat he calls home in­volves driv­ing across flooded fields.

Liv­ing in a nar­row boat, heated by a cast iron stove and with elec­tric­ity sup­plied by a gen­er­a­tor, isn’t for every­body. But for a teenager who se­cretly wishes he was born in a by­gone era, it fits the bill nicely. With the cries of the river’s wild ducks and geese as his alarm call and his Se­ries III parked out­side, Dan wishes for noth­ing more. And who can blame him?

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