Land Rover Monthly - - Mark Dixon -

One per­son each side can lift and slide the assem­bly away from the wind­screen frame. Now you can get a good grip be­fore lift­ing it off. WITH THE roof out of the way it’s a much sim­pler job to strip out the re­main­ing in­te­rior trim and fit­tings to give best ac­cess to the bulk­head and rear body tub. Most of this work is re­ally geared to re­leas­ing any­thing that’s at­tached to the rear tub, or it is likely to pre­vent or ob­struct its easy re­moval, so that means seats, seat belts and any re­main­ing trim. The Se­ries III here, un­bolted and lifted eas­ily, de­spite hav­ing been bolted up for 40 years. The Ninety, de­manded sur­gi­cal bolt­work with the an­gle grinder and hack­saw, and some of the cor­roded alu­minium sim­ply broke away to pow­der. Lift off the seat bases and then un­bolt the back rests and re­move the lot. Do­ing this first en­sures the seats don’t get dam­aged.

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