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It’s time to make it move, and all is well as I steer the Range Rover out of the work­shop un­der its own power. A great re­sult – and it stopped nicely, too. The en­gine was left idling long enough to cre­ate heat circulation be­fore switch­ing off to con­firm the hoses and ra­di­a­tor were warm with good coolant flow. THE RANGE Rover drove into my work­shop months ago, and it now starts and drives out and stops per­fectly. That’s pleas­ing and sat­is­fy­ing. For now, we must leave the Range Rover project here un­til de­ci­sions on body colour and a spe­cial in­te­rior are con­firmed, and a slot be­comes avail­able in the paint and trim shops. But when the painted and trimmed body­work is be­ing dealt with, we will be back to show these fi­nal stages and the fin­ished Clas­sic Range Rover. In the mean­time, more ‘How to’ fea­tures on Clas­sic Range Rovers will be start­ing in our Septem­ber is­sue.

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