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BE­ING A keen-off roader and shooter, Dave Phillips’ ar­ti­cle on green­lan­ing got me think­ing about the grief me and my brother have had to put up with in 30 years of off-road­ing and shoot­ing. It’s al­ways the same peo­ple: you know, dog walk­ers, ram­blers, horse rid­ers and even armed po­lice and he­li­copters.

Why do th­ese peo­ple think the coun­try­side is only for them to en­joy. Some­times it makes me sad, but when I’m sat at my din­ner ta­ble eating wild roast duck or rab­bit stew and when I drive by the same peo­ple stuck in snow I smile to my­self and think I would not change a thing.

Gary Betts, Boughton, Not­ting­hamshire

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