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1We re­moved the roof and rear sides in LRM June is­sue. The roof panel does need a re­paint. The sides are good, but the blue is faded.

2Leaky sunroof had been sealed with gaffer tape. This was pulled off and the re­mov­able glass panel lifted out and safely stowed.

3We’d pre­vi­ously un­clipped the in­te­rior plas­tic trim and re­moved th­ese se­cur­ing plates hold­ing the in­ner frame to the roof at each cor­ner.

4With the roof in­verted, the crosshead screws around the in­ner frame are re­moved to re­lease it from the outer frame.

5The in­ner and outer frames are re­leased from the un­der­side. Sealant had been ap­plied around the frames but hadn’t stopped the leaks.

6This main rub­ber seal was split in a few places and the fine white seal around the edge of the outer frame was brit­tle and torn.

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