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1Strip­ping the bulk­head means less time mask­ing off and a bet­ter paint job. Start­ing with the door hinges, two of seized bolts need the cut­ting disc.

2We need the dash­board top off. This end piece can be lifted off af­ter re­mov­ing the sin­gle screw ex­posed af­ter pris­ing off the Land Rover badge.

3The screen vents are re­moved from the dash top, fol­lowed by the cross-head se­cur­ing screws, and the dash top lifted off.

4Wiper arms and wiper spin­dle lock­nuts are re­moved, leav­ing the spin­dles to be masked. Washer noz­zle and pipe union nut are re­moved.

5The bulk­head vents are re­moved by first squeez­ing the open end of the hinge split pins and tap­ping them out, then lean­ing the vent for­ward.

6With the vents tilted for­ward, we can get in to re­move the nut and bolt hold­ing each to its open­ing mech­a­nism, and lift them away.

7The old vent seals sim­ply pull off the aper­ture, which can now be prop­erly painted. They are another wa­ter ingress point, so will be re­newed.

8With the dash gone, this typ­i­cal rust hole on the bulk­head top (pre­vi­ously hid­den by the screen frame) can be re­paired at the body shop.

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