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Di­rec­tion of travel

A sim­ple ar­row in­di­cat­ing clock­wise or anti-clock­wise will prove sur­pris­ingly use­ful and pre­vent er­rors when work­ing blind.

Dou­ble ratchet ends

An easy way of car­ry­ing more sizes with­out sac­ri­fic­ing space.

Open end ratchet

A clever way of ac­cess­ing fix­ings where a closed end wouldn’t fit or might be­come stuck in situ.

In­cre­men­tal turns

The num­ber of ratchet stops de­ter­mines the an­gle re­quired to ro­tate the ratchet to the next stop. The more stops, the less move­ment re­quired, which is prefer­able. The 72-ratchet de­sign gives 5° de­grees of ro­ta­tion per ratchet turn.

PIC 1: A flex­i­ble head that piv­ots on a re­mov­able threaded pin al­lows the joint to be tight­ened and cleaned, if nec­es­sary.

PIC 2: Span­ner head sizes are sim­i­lar, so check for ac­cess in con­fined spa­ces if you have spe­cific tasks in mind.

PIC 3: Met­ric or Im­pe­rial? Most Met­ric sizes also cater for Im­pe­rial equiv­a­lents.




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