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Last month I ex­plained how it had sud­denly be­come im­pos­si­ble to switch off the en­gine on my 1984 Ninety. The only way to stop the trans­planted 300Tdi was to de­lib­er­ately stall it, which was okay in the short term but the re­peated shock to the trans­mis­sion caused by stalling it was un­likely to do it much good in the long term.

I left it in the ca­pa­ble hands of my great me­chanic mate, Nor­folk Nigel, who traced the prob­lem to a short cir­cuit in the wiring be­hind the dash. Af­ter 33 years and sev­eral not par­tic­u­larly care­ful own­ers, the wiring was a rats’ nest of mod­i­fi­ca­tions that had been car­ried out over the years, and which in­cluded some stray dead-end wires left loose and just wait­ing to cause an­other short cir­cuit (and a po­ten­tial fire) in the fu­ture.

Dras­tic prun­ing was re­quired. Nigel re­moved all the elec­tri­cal cul-de-sacs and got ev­ery­thing run­ning again, bar the haz­ard warn­ing lights. He didn’t have time to re­wire the lot, but will in the next few weeks when I next pay a visit to his work­shop. I can live with­out the haz­ard warn­ing light for now as I en­joy this very spe­cial ve­hi­cle.

Replacing the old 12J non-turbo diesel with an exDisco 300Tdi has trans­formed the Ninety and I have no re­grets for los­ing a bit of its orig­i­nal­ity in the process.

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