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1 To ac­cess the switch assem­bly, the tail­gate in­ner trim panel needs re­mov­ing, by first re­leas­ing th­ese screws to re­move the in­ner pull han­dle re­cesses. 3 With the trim panel re­moved, you can now see the lo­ca­tion of the six re­tain­ing nuts that hold the com­plete tail­gate han­dle assem­bly onto the tail­gate. 2 The tail­gate in­ner trim panel is se­cured by clips. Care­fully ease it away from the tail­gate, then lift the in­ner panel’s top edge up­wards to re­lease it. 4 Undo the six re­tain­ing nuts, which are ac­ces­si­ble through the slots on the in­side of the tail­gate and hold the ex­te­rior han­dle assem­bly in po­si­tion. 5 Dis­con­nect the ca­ble multi-plug that sup­plies to the tail­gate han­dle re­lease switch, and feed the wiring lead through the slot in the tail­gate. 6 With the six nuts now re­moved you should be able to lift the com­plete rear tail­gate han­dle assem­bly of the tail­gate it­self. 7 Once the com­plete assem­bly is re­moved, on the un­der­side you will now see the tail­gate han­dle re­lease switch and the num­ber plate lamps’ wiring. 8 Us­ing a thin screw­driver or flat blade care­fully pry out the clips that hold the num­ber plate lamps in po­si­tion (both lamps are the same). 9 With the clips re­leased on the num­ber plate lamps, and with the bulb hold­ers still in place, both lamps can be pushed out of the tail­gate han­dle. 10 Us­ing a thin screw­driver or a flat trim tool, re­lease the two clips that hold the re­lease han­dle and the switch into the tail­gate han­dle assem­bly. 11 When the clips on both sides have been re­leased, the tail­gate re­lease han­dle switch can now be pushed out from the han­dle assem­bly.

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