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1 The same adapter cap fits the brake fluid reser­voir on a De­fender, and the quick-re­lease hose is at­tached just as it was with the clutch reser­voir. 2 The brake bleed­ing tool is again pres­surised to 12 psi, though it’s ca­pa­ble of bleed­ing ABS sys­tems where a higher pres­sure of around 20 psi is used. 3 As with con­ven­tional brake bleed­ing, the pres­sure brake bleeder is used on the hub fur­thest from the mas­ter cylin­der first, and fin­ish­ing with the near­est. 4 The bleed nip­ple is opened with an 11 mm span­ner (or 10 mm in some cases) un­til all the air bub­bles are ex­pelled and clear fluid is ob­served in the tube.

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