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Parts to be re­moved from the old door in­clude the win­dow glass and trims, wiper mo­tor, check strap, wiring loom, latch and wheel car­rier.

Sealant is scraped off in­side, avoid­ing the heat­ing el­e­ments. Out­side, a thin blade cuts the sealant be­tween the glass and the frame.

We’re re­mov­ing the hinges but they’re very worn, so are likely to spoil the fit of the new door and cause rat­tles, so we’ll fit new ones.

With the wiper mo­tor and wiring re­moved, we see cracks (ar­rowed) caused by weight on an orig­i­nal-type wheel mount – a com­mon prob­lem.

We re­move the glass first to avoid the risk of it be­ing bro­ken. The six-piece glass re­tain­ers are un­screwed, and the win­dow heater el­e­ment leads de­tached.

The glass is gen­tly eased out and stored safely aside. Sealant will be cleaned off the glass and glazing strips be­fore re­fit­ting to the new door.

The glazing strips are stuck to the sealant, so need to be eased up gen­tly and evenly to avoid kink­ing them. They’re cheap to re­new.

The door latch assem­bly is re­moved, and the spare wheel car­rier is un­bolted. This is the mount­ing plate for a swing-away car­rier.

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