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With the car road­wor­thy, the last job is to sort the paint. Decades of dirt, tree sap, mould and al­gae have eaten into the paint sur­face, fad­ing it badly. I’d al­ready cleaned it with heavy-duty de­greaser and a scrub­bing brush, which re­moved the worst of the green fun­gus, but I was left with in­grained dirt that wouldn’t move eas­ily. I have a great trick for all paint­work which I learnt from my Porsche days, and I thought was worth a try here.

Ba­si­cally, it in­volves four stages: wash­ing, clean­ing, feed­ing and fi­nally seal­ing the paint fin­ish. The work usu­ally takes four to six hours. Sure enough, even on my flat, faded paint, it did the trick, as the pic­tures show.

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