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It is pos­si­ble to take the fly­wheel hous­ing from the 19J en­gine and fit this in place of the hous­ing on the back of the 300Tdi. But we choose to adapt the 300Tdi hous­ing so that its lower stiff­en­ing brack­ets can be re­tained. These brack­ets on each side con­nect the en­gine block to the bot­tom of the fly­wheel hous­ing and are ben­e­fi­cial for the more pow­er­ful and torquey en­gine-gear­box com­bi­na­tion.

Luck­ily, I had a spare 300Tdi fly­wheel hous­ing and LT77 bell­hous­ing, mak­ing it eas­ier to il­lus­trate the process for this fea­ture. This also al­lows trial fit­ting to the back of the en­gine on the floor, and to the gear­box in the Land Rover.

14 So we ap­ply this same work to the real fly­wheel hous­ing on the back of the en­gine, so the bell­hous­ing will fit per­fectly in place here, too.

13 With the ex­tra stud and lo­cat­ing dowel re­moved, the spare fly­wheel hous­ing and bell­hous­ing now mate to­gether per­fectly on the bench.

7 This spare 300Tdi fly­wheel hous­ing is iden­ti­cal to the one that came with the re­place­ment en­gine. The lower stiff­en­ing mount­ing points can be clearly seen.

10 The re­moved stud will be used at the bot­tom of the fly­wheel hous­ing, so the locked to­gether M10 nuts are left in place for the time be­ing.

9 One of the studs to the right of the fly­wheel hous­ing is re­moved by lock­ing two M10 nuts to­gether on the stud, to turn it with a 17 mm span­ner.

8 A spare LT77 gear­box bell-hous­ing will al­low a trial fit to the back of the re­place­ment en­gine, which proves valu­able in high­light­ing a po­ten­tial prob­lem.

11 One of the lo­cat­ing dow­els on the fly­wheel hous­ing also needs to be re­moved. The lo­ca­tion is de­tailed in the in­struc­tions from Steve Park­ers Ltd.

12 The dowel is fairly eas­ily re­moved by grip­ping it with en­gi­neer’s pli­ers and ro­tat­ing it back and forth, with up­wards pres­sure at the same time.

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