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Un­til you have the op­por­tu­nity to ex­per­i­ment with dif­fer­ent torque wrenches, it might be daunt­ing choos­ing a tool you’ll place so much trust in. Al­though seem­ingly iden­ti­cal to look at, the Silverline and Sealey are true chalk and cheese, al­though they are typ­i­cally only £20 apart if you shop around. Silverline’s omis­sion of an im­pe­rial scale will clinch it for many, but in ad­di­tion the build qual­ity of the ratch­ets favours the Sealey. Crit­i­cally, Sealey in­cludes an in­di­vid­ual cer­tifi­cate of cal­i­bra­tion so you know what to ex­pect be­fore you be­gin.

Draper’s foot­ball rat­tle design has much to com­mend. In use, it was the only wrench head able to reach man­i­fold nuts in situ with­out an ex­ten­sion bar. Its slim­line cre­den­tials are bol­stered by the eas­i­est ana­logue scales to read on test, and there’s three of those. Set­ting the torque value is sim­ple and quick with­out fear of the han­dle slip­ping un­der load.

Proxxon’s slick pack­age is easy on the eye and flat­ter­ing to the brain. If you can live with just a Nm scale this de­serves to be your win­ner. Set­ting the torque value is in­tu­itive and takes sec­onds while the locked han­dle doesn’t slip and is the most com­fort­able on test. Shame about the lack of a lb ft scale for older Land Rovers though.

The odd wrench has to be Clarke’s dig­i­tal ver­sion. At first, the in­struc­tions could be a turn-off for some, but get through them over a cup of tea, prac­tice and the wrench comes into its own. The lack of a slip­ping grip han­dle is most wel­come and four torque ranges cover all the bases from only 14.75 lb ft, mak­ing it ex­tremely ver­sa­tile. The back­lit LCD dis­play and 60 hours bat­tery life mean you can burn the mid­night oil with­out dis­turb­ing the neigh­bours.

Pro win­ners are jointly, the Draper and Proxxon for their abil­ity to be used read­ily, ac­cu­rately and ef­fort­lessly, though the Proxxon has the feel good edge if you can live with a sin­gle Nm range. For DIY use, the Clarke’s ver­sa­til­ity and ac­cu­racy clinch the over­all prize. It’s a lot of wrench pro­vid­ing plenty of con­trol in an easy to master and use pack­age.

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