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Epimedi­ums are at home be­neath small gar­den trees such as the win­ter-flow­er­ing cherry, Prunus sub­hirtella ‘Au­tum­nalis’, or the multi-stemmed sil­ver birch. The colonis­ing ever­green epimedi­ums are ideal planted along­side as­sertive plants, such as blue-flow­ered Brun­nera macro­phylla, hart’s tongue ferns or white fox­gloves. The less in­va­sive hy­brids go well among hardy gera­ni­ums, ‘Bowles’s Golden Grass’, or the frothy foam flower, Tiarella cordi­fo­lia. E. gran­di­flo­rum va­ri­eties are at home in acid soil un­der rhodo­den­drons, camel­lias and mag­no­lias. They also grow hap­pily among later-flow­er­ing Hi­malayan blue pop­pies, or Me­conop­sis be­toni­ci­fo­lia, and sum­mer heaths. The Chi­nese species en­joy the same shady con­di­tions as ori­en­tal helle­bores. They flower along­side the lit­tle blue bulbs

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