Ge­or­Gia’s tips for lonGer last­inG flow­ers

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The main fac­tor in ex­tend­ing the life of flow­ers is clean­li­ness. Buck­ets and scis­sors need to be as clean as pos­si­ble. Plas­tic buck­ets may be less at­trac­tive, but the plas­tic does not re­act with flower food. They can also be scrubbed with bleach. Flow­ers are cut first thing in the morn­ing, or last thing at night. Di­rectly after cut­ting, they are placed in buck­ets half full of water and flower food. Re­gard­less of whether they are cut from the gar­den or bought, flow­ers should never be used straight away. Leav­ing them overnight in a cool dark place in­creases their longevity. Flow­ers that have been bought may have spent some time in trans­porta­tion and need a drink, food and time to rest. Leav­ing them overnight helps them re­lax, be­com­ing stronger as they fill with food. When ar­rang­ing the next day, no more flower food is added. The flow­ers have al­ready taken their fill of this food, which con­tains sug­ary glu­cose. Any sugar left in the water can en­cour­age bac­te­ria that turns water green. In­stead, a Mil­ton ster­il­is­ing tablet is dis­solved in the vase water. The water is changed reg­u­larly, top­ping up with an­other tablet or half-tablet each time.

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