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■ Ul­tra bright se­cu­rity lights, left, scare in­trud­ers. But en­sure they are not trig­gered by every pass­ing squir­rel or cat – then neigh­bours ei­ther ig­nore them or see them as a nui­sance.

■ Many homes have now in­stalled some form of closed cir­cuit tele­vi­sion. This can de­ter break-ins if thieves know it is there. But al­ways take care that the bur­glars can’t steal the TV equip­ment.

■ Take ex­tra care with re­mote or phone op­er­ated locks on your home. Bur­glars may be able to work around them – just as car thieves have done with some mo­tor sys­tems.

■ Never ad­ver­tise that you have a safe at home. Thieves know where they are most likely kept and how to re­move them.

■ Don’t dis­play ex­pen­sive jew­ellery in a way that can link you with your home.

■ Many in­surance policies in­clude re­place­ment win­dows and new locks if the bur­glary causes break­age.

The prospect of all the sales and present buy­ing over the next month or so is ir­re­sistible to thieves

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