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QCan you help me with a lawn prob­lem? I have quite a few patches of couch grass.

I’ve tried most brands of feed and weed, I’ve tried cut­ting it four dif­fer­ent ways, I’ve even tried cut­ting it, then go­ing around and cut­ting it again with a small hand-held bush cut­ter (the one for box edg­ing). Scar­i­fy­ing doesn’t have an ef­fect on it ei­ther. I would ap­pre­ci­ate your ad­vice on it.

Mal­colm Rush­ton

ACouch grass (Ely­mus repens) is a bit of a night­mare weed to get rid of. It’s sim­i­lar to bindweed, with its fleshy white un­der­ground stems known as rhi­zomes spread­ing rapidly. The chal­lenge is to dig out these rhi­zomes as even a small piece left in the soil can rapidly re­gen­er­ate into a new colony. It’s bad enough in a bor­der where it quickly gets en­tan­gled with other plants. In the case of a lawn, you can try dig­ging up the weed in situ or com­pletely lift the turf and dig out the whole area, mak­ing sure the soil is com­pletely clean be­fore re­turf­ing it.

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