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Our story about Loch Lomond and theTrossachs Na­tional Park’s plans to close Mil­larochy Bay - one of just two pub­lic slip­ways on Loch Lomond - has been met with anger by lo­cal peo­ple.

Stephen Ed­ward Crossan posted on Face­book:“This quote from the Na­tional Park seems very ar­ro­gant “the slip­way clo­sure is an op­er­a­tional de­ci­sion so it does not re­quire any in­put from the pub­lic”- well there’s plenty of in­put now and I hope they have enough re­spect to con­sider the boating com­mu­nity who are in the main re­spect­ful and con­sid­er­ate Loch users. This will af­fect many peo­ple who reg­u­larly spend sum­mers at Mil­larochy.

“We re­cently at­tended a charette held by the Park Au­thor­ity and the con­sen­sus was that we needed more pub­lic jet­tys and more slip­ways. Just one slip­way at Bal­loch is not enough to serve the whole 26 miles of Loch. “Surely that’s ob­vi­ous. “No ac­cess at all dur­ing the week­end ofThe Great Scot­tish Swim then?

“Any in­ci­dents or hold ups on the slip over the sea­son and peo­ple can be de­layed for hours.

“We are meant to be wel­com­ing peo­ple here, mak­ing their ex­pe­ri­ence as easy and straight­for­ward as pos­si­ble.”

Fiona Ritchie added:“What an ab­so­lute load of codswal­lop.

“When I used the Dun­can Memo­rial Slip­way there was no as­sis­tance from staff - they mostly sat in the of­fice or stood and watched you.

“So to sug­gest that staffing Mil­larochy Bay is not a good use of their re­sources is an ab­so­lute joke.”

Paul Mel­lotte said:“These peo­ple are re­ally un­re­al­is­tic and ig­no­rant.

“Why do they feel it’s an op­er­a­tional is­sue like they are some sort of big com­pany cut­ting a small cost that is not rel­e­vant to them !?

“All they have to do is open the gate in the morn­ings and close it at night and let us adults get on with launch­ing our boats when we want to.

“They have not con­sulted the pub­lic when it is pub­lic land and has been used for many many years to launch pri­vate trailer boats.

“Also, they have com­plete dis­re­gard for the peo­ple that are on hol­i­day or up for the week­end to the east side of Loch Lomond that have craft to launch.

“Is it re­ally fair this? I don’t think so.”

“We have put up with enough. It has to stop now.

“The ar­ro­gance of these peo­ple as­tounds me.”

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