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An as­sault vic­tim was left bleed­ing from the ear in the street af­ter be­ing vi­ciously at­tacked with a pole.

The man was set upon as he made his way home af­ter walk­ing his dog.

He had con­fronted a group of youths and warned them about their lan­guage.

The 42-year-old was then ap­proached on North­field Road in Alexan­dria by Brian Ste­wart, who started hit­ting him with a painter’s pole he took from his van.

Ste­wart, of nearby Ca­bles Drive, ap­peared at Dum­bar­ton Sher­iff Court last week and ad­mit­ted car­ry­ing out the at­tack, strik­ing him on the head and body with the metal pole, seiz­ing him by the body, strug­gling with him and push­ing him into a hedge.

Fis­cal de­pute Martina McGuigan told the court the vic­tim was walk­ing his dog around 5.20pm and“he be­came in­volved in an al­ter­ca­tion with a group of youths who were lo­cated within the park”.

She said:“He spoke to chil­dren about the use of in­ap­pro­pri­ate lan­guage.

“Some of the chil­dren ad­vised the vic­tim they would be telling their fa­thers that he had told them off.

“At that point the vic­tim left the park and walked back to his home ad­dress.

“As he was walk­ing and was nearly at his home ad­dress he ob­served a white van on North­field Road.

“It came to an abrupt halt and Ste­wart, who was driv­ing the ve­hi­cle, then ex­ited. He was with others at the time and ap­proached the vic­tim.

“The vic­tim at­tempted to speak with Ste­wart but de­scribed Ste­wart as be­hav­ing ag­gres­sively, at which point he re­turned to the ve­hi­cle, opened the side door and took out a metal pole,

“He then as­saulted the vic­tim with the pole.

“He was hit­ting him on the chest area and then on the head, which caused a lac­er­a­tion to his left ear.

“Ste­wart and the vic­tim took hold of each other.There was a short strug­gle and shortly there­after Ste­wart pushed the vic­tim into the hedge area.

“Ste­wart and others re­turned to the ve­hi­cle and drove away.”

Neigh­bours saw the in­ci­dent and one of them went to check on the vic­tim. He saw blood run­ning down his ear. Po­lice and paramedics at­tended.

Ste­wart’s lawyer said:“Mr Ste­wart doesn’t dis­pute act­ing in the man­ner li­belled but does dis­pute what hap­pened be­fore.

“He shouldn’t have acted in the way that he did and recog­nises that.

“His daugh­ter re­turned to his home ad­dress in tears and ex­plained that Mr Ste­wart’s son had been as­saulted by the vic­tim.

“Ste­wart re­acted to this in­for­ma­tion and re­acted in a way that he shouldn’t have done.

“In­stead of walk­ing away this led to Mr Ste­wart go­ing to his work van, re­triev­ing a painter’s pole and as­sault­ing the com­plainer.”

That ar­gu­ment was not ac­cepted by the Crown and the case was de­ferred for another hear­ing this week.

Sher­if­fWil­liam Gal­lacher told Ste­wart:“My advice is that you should put your af­fairs in or­der as your lib­erty may not be long-lived.”

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