Molly the Poo­dle loses her sight and is helped by sis­ter Me­gan

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A pet poo­dle who had both her eyes re­moved in a dra­matic bid to save her life is now fight­ing fit - with a lit­tle help from her sis­ter.

Molly, 14, un­der­went the ma­jor op­er­a­tion to com­bat a deadly in­fec­tion which left her blind and in pain.

Her own­ers Mau­reen and Roger New­man from Dum­bar­ton, were wor­ried the pooch might strug­gle to cope with the life-al­ter­ing change but they say lit­tle Molly has made a re­mark­able re­cov­ery and is be­ing guided by her sis­ter Me­gan, also 14, who has stuck by her side.

The cou­ple’s other three pets Olly and Deano the York­shire ter­ri­ers and Mag­gie the Aus­tralian Silky- all res­cue dogs - have also ral­lied round Molly.

Mau­reen said: “All the other dogs have been great with Molly since her surgery.

“They all stick to­gether when they go out and keep her right.

“But she’s do­ing well, she re­sponds to your voice and fin­ger clicks so it’s not been too bad for her.”

She con­tin­ued: “I love all my dogs, es­pe­cially since some of them didn’t have a good start in life.”

Mau­reen, 68, and Roger, 78, were told that poor Molly might have to be put down un­less she un­der­went the eye re­moval op - known as a bi­lat­eral enu­cle­ation.

The cou­ple, who live at Crosslet Place, were de­ter­mined to do all they could for their beloved pet and gave vets at Vet­s4Pets in Dum­bar­ton the go-ahead.

And an­i­mal lover Mau­reen says it was the best de­ci­sion they have ever made for their pooch.

She said: “There was no ques­tion that we would get the surgery if it was go­ing to give her some qual­ity of life.

“We couldn’t be­lieve the dif­fer­ence in her once she got the surgery.

“We thought she was ready to die be­fore but now she’s like a whole new dog.

“She’s put on weight and is out run­ning about again with her sis­ter Me­gan and our other dogs.

“It’s just fan­tas­tic to see her do­ing so well.”

Mau­reen first no­ticed Molly seemed to be ir­ri­tated by her eyes and when she checked them she dis­cov­ered the sever­ity of the prob­lem.

It was then she took her to the Dum­bar­ton vets.

Mau­reen added: “It just looked so painful for her. When I lifted her lid the blood ves­sels were swollen and her lens had dis­ap­peared so her eye just looked like a mar­ble. It was aw­ful.”

The pack of tiny dogs were all res­cued by Mau­reen and Rodger, who have ded­i­cated their lives to giv­ing an­i­mals a sec­ond chance.

It was just Molly and Me­gan, who are a rare breed of poo­dle, who were bought as pup­pies by Mau­reen and Rodger along­side their other sis­ter Missy, who be­longed to Mau­reen’s son An­drew un­til she dies two years ago.

“It’s such an amaz­ing feel­ing see­ing them do so well es­pe­cially since they were in such bad con­di­tion.

“But Molly, Me­gan and Missy were spe­cial. We wanted them for such a long time be­fore we got them. They are beau­ti­ful wee dogs.”

Ciara Mul­h­ern, owner of Vet­s4Pets in Dum­bar­ton, who per­formed Molly’s surgery, said: “Molly’s ma­jor surgery to re­move her eyes which due to a very painful con­di­tion that wasn’t treat­able by any other means.

“It sounds shock­ing, but she’s now much more comfy and has adapted amaz­ingly well.”

Dog house Mau­reen with Molly and Me­gan, along­side other ca­nines in her fam­ily

Dog friends Molly and her sis­ter Me­gan

Care Molly lost both her eyes

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