Ginger Thief

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Ah saw a boy who hud red herr

ah turned aroon he wis­nae ther

ah turned wance mer an’ ther he wis

rid­ing a bike that wis­nae his.

It wis­nae his that ah knew as soon as he came in tae view

cause it was mine the cheeky toad

two fin­gers up tae me he showed.

Ah shouted hey git aff mah bike use yer legs an’take a hike but he kept ped­dlin’doon the street

ah tried tae run but ah wis beat.

But then good fortune came tae call

he wis­nae lookin’an hit a wa’

he went flyin’bat­tered his heid

wis lucky he did­nae end up died.

Ah picked him up gied him a shake

telt him he wis a slimy wee snake

then let him go cause he wis greetin’

ah shoulda gied him a bliddy beatin’.

Ah grabbed ma bike an’ walked on hame

mah bike wid never be the same

be­cause a boy who hud red herr

hud­nae money fur his bus ferr

Do­raWright Alexan­dria

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