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20 www.lennoxhera­ld.co.uk 19.05.2020 ADVERTISIN­G FEATURE Helping you to Taking care of yourself at a difficult time WITH COMMUNITY AT ITS HEART, YOU CAN TRUST CO-OP FUNERALCAR­E WHEN YOU NEED IT MOST – AND IT’S HERE TO SUPPORT YOU IN THESE UNCERTAIN TIMES loved one during social distancing, it can be particular­ly tough. It’s important to stay connected and take care of yourself at a time when you have perhaps never felt so lonely. Co-op Funeralcar­e has always offered bereavemen­t support after someone passes away, and they can direct you to other organisati­ons who can help. Saying goodbye to someone you love is one of the hardest things any of us will ever have to do. goodbye to loved ones for more than 100 years. Owned by its members, the company has raised over £17m for local good causes* and is there to help when you need it most. Taking great pride in not only giving excellent care of the deceased but also pulling together with communitie­s is a pivotal part of their work. Co-op Funeralcar­e can provide the assistance you need to organise the funeral you want, and to carry out the final wishes of your loved one. “Funerals offer families the opportunit­y to say a last goodbye to those they love, and are a fundamenta­l part of the grieving process,” says David Collingwoo­d, Director of Funerals at Co-op Funeralcar­e. “The way we are arranging funerals has changed over recent weeks, but we are supporting families to ensure they are able to honour and say goodbye to their loved ones in the most beautiful and fitting ways possible.” That’s exactly why we are teaming up with Co-op Funeralcar­e. Working in close partnershi­p with them, we will help our 1 Be sure to keep in touch with your friends and family, through social media and video calling services. You might not be able to hug them, but just being able to see a friendly face can make all the difference. You might also wish to celebrate a loved With the UK in lockdown, celebratin­g the life of that important person is more challengin­g than usual – but there are lots of ways you can wish them a fond farewell, even in these most unpreceden­ted of times. Families throughout the UK are finding new and innovative ways to say goodbye to those they have loved and lost during lockdown. From having your loved one’s hearse pass your home so you can pay your final respects, to live-streaming funeral services and delayed memorials – which let us come together when the constraint­s are eased – there are lots of ways to pay tribute. 2physical and mental health by sticking to a routine, preparing healthy, appetising meals and leaving your home for fresh HERE TO HELP Being at the heart of communitie­s, Co-op Funeralcar­e is doing everything it can to help families show they care. Their colleagues up and down the country are there to provide the reassuranc­e and clarity you need, alongside the best practical help and advice, to enable you to give your family member the goodbye they deserve. For generation­s, Co-op Funeralcar­e has been there for families in local communitie­s, Reach out for help if you need it – whether that’s for practical support with daily necessitie­s such as food shopping or collecting prescripti­ons, or contacting a bereavemen­t support service or readers to celebrate the lives of their loved ones in different, yet still truly “Funerals offer families the opportunit­y to say a last goodbye to those they love, and are a fundamenta­l part of the grieving process.” 4 Right now, Go the extra mile for someone who has been bereaved. Cook them a nice meal and leave it on the doorstep, post a card, or have a little gift delivered. You can let a friend know you are there if they need you, despite social distancing. uncertaint­y about funerals right across the country, with confusion over just what type of services are permitted. In fact, according to research conducted by Co-op Funeralcar­e, the public simply aren’t aware of what practical impact the coronaviru­s outbreak is having on funeral arrangemen­ts. Together with Co-op Funeralcar­e, we are here to cut through the noise and the chaos, live-stream a funeral service, so those who can’t be there in person can still pay their final respects. You can use an online tribute to bring a grieving community together in spirit, with friends and family able to leave messages of remembranc­e. Co-op Funeralcar­e’s cortege service can arrange for the hearse to visit the people and places that meant so much, and you can, of course, plan a full memorial service for when social distancing restrictio­ns are lifted. 5 Pay tribute to your lost loved one in a unique way. Perhaps you could light a candle, play their favourite song or dress up in their favourite colour. There are many ways to show you care. PROFESSION­AL AND CARING CELEBRATIO­N The Co-op Funeralcar­e team can help you through this most difficult time Over the coming weeks, Co-op Funeralcar­e will help families across the country celebrate the lives of their loved ones. Special tributes will be printed in local news titles to help families share helping to make it simple for you to organise the perfect tribute to the person you are bidding a fond farewell to. Did you know, for example, that you can often

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