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21 www.lennoxhera­ld.co.uk 19.05.2020 ADVERTISIN­G FEATURE say goodbye Ways to say farewell in the current climate For generation­s, Co-op Funeralcar­e has been there for families in local communitie­s, providing exceptiona­l service and care when they need it most While it is true that the way we bid farewell to those closest to us, now sadly gone, has changed dramatical­ly during the ongoing coronaviru­s health crisis, there are still many ways for you to remember them in a truly personal and unique tribute. SPECIAL TRIBUTE Light a candle or play a song for someone special, perhaps at a time when you know their funeral is taking place. EMAIL Share your loved one’s order of service via email. This way everyone can read this tribute to them at home, and feel part of the funeral. TECHNOLOGY You can use technology to bring your nearest and dearest together. Many crematoriu­ms offer you the chance to live-stream a funeral service to include those who cannot be there in person. FAMILY EULOGY Encourage family members and friends to contribute to your loved one’s eulogy be sending their own special messages and memories to be read out during the ceremony. ONLINE CEREMONY You could opt for an online ceremony or memorial, where family and friends can come together via a video conference call to remember a much-loved person who has passed away. SOCIAL MEDIA Connect your grieving community via social media. You could ask everyone to post a message or photograph in the deceased’s honour on the day of the funeral. UNIQUE MESSAGE Community concerns during the Covid-19 crisis People who are not able to attend a funeral in person due to social distancing can send something with a special shared meaning to be placed in the coffin. This could be a letter, a photograph, handprints or maybe something unique to your family. PLAN THE MEMORIAL their memories and celebrate their loved ones in a different, yet truly fitting, way. We will also explain how you can say goodbye to that important person, and outline suggestion­s of ways to make the celebratio­n of life really memorable and special. During these unpreceden­ted times, it is more important than ever to do right by our loved ones. With community at its heart, Co-op Funeralcar­e is here to help, even in these most uncertain of days. Together with Co-op Funeralcar­e, we will celebrate the lives of those who have been loved and lost during lockdown, and provide clarity and reassuranc­e to help you to pay your final respects. During the crisis we’re using trusted sources, including the BBC, the NHS and the Government, to provide up-to-the-minute informatio­n. Television is our chosen key news source, with 18 to 34-year-olds more likely to turn to social media. Organise a fitting tribute to the special person you have lost by planning the memorial they would have wanted to take place after lockdown is lifted. 54% Some 42%** of us are concerned about the impact of Covid-19 on funeral arrangemen­ts. Over half of 55 year olds** are concerned about not being able to comfort and grieve with others during the Covid-19 pandemic. A further 42%** of us are worried about restrictio­ns on the number of mourners who can attend a funeral service. Saying goodbye is never easy, but we can help you to say the best goodbye as possible. Visit When it comes to saying goodbye to dear loved ones, people are anxious about the type of service** they can have, delays to services and the costs. coop.co.uk/ funeralcar­e Sources: *coop.co.uk/its-what-we-do. **Co-op Funeralcar­e research, Nat rep online survey, May 1-4, 2020.

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