Lennox Herald : 2020-05-19

PUZZLES : 38 : 2


2 www.lennoxhera­ld.co.uk 19.05.2020 PUZZLES Codebreake­r We’ve taken a completed crossword puzzle and replaced each letter in the grid with the same number throughout. The starter word shows you that and so write these letters wherever their numbers appear in the grid. The completed grid will include all letters of the alphabet. Remember, none of the answers are proper nouns. TOP 21=T, 19=O 20=P, ABCDEFGHIJ­KLMNOPQRST­UVWXYZ Just what you’re looking for! Just a bit of fun OPT Notes Which one of our four definition­s is correct? CATHOLICON Patriarch of the Armenian Church One of a pair of holes in the after part of a ship Person with a taste for pictures and symbols Remedy for all ills; panacea 1 2 3 4 Picture pointer Arrowwords are like crosswords, but the clues are printed inside squares on the grid. Write your answers in the blank squares in the direction indicated by the arrows.

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