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Ju­lian of Nor­wich is Nor­folk’s pre­mier mys­tic and she was a for­ward think­ing woman. In the 1300s she had a num­ber of vi­sions which she be­lieved had come to her from God. She pub­lished a book in 1373 called Rev­e­la­tions of Divine Love to in­struct and spread the word of her “see­ings”, as she called them, and this book has been re­garded as the first great work of English prose. What can mod­ern peo­ple learn from her writ­ings? Here TV his­to­rian and me­dieval­ist Jan­ina Ramirez of­fers in­sights into Mother Ju­lian’s life and times to bring a fresh in­sight into her world. Af­ter read­ing this, watch the tele­vi­sion pro­gramme that ac­com­pa­nied this book and take a stroll to visit Ju­lian’s shrine and cell.

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