Lit­tle words can and do mean such a lot

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The say­ing goes that lit­tle words can mean a lot and they cer­tainly do.

As a teacher, from my very first class of chil­dren at Wen­sum Pri­mary School in 1947, I adopted the life­time habit of greet­ing the new class ev­ery first day back at school by writ­ing three words on the black­board.

They were please, thank-you and sorry and I told the chil­dren that I wanted to hear those be­ing said a lot dur­ing the year to fol­low and they used to obey.

It meant, for me, the ab­so­lute joy of teach­ing classes of well-man­nered chil­dren.

I can’t help notic­ing that where Let’s Talk is con­cerned the op­er­a­tive word is wel­come.

Look­ing back to the first is­sue in Oc­to­ber 2002, the im­ages of Neil Haver­son, chief writer, and Terry Red­head, launch editor, of­fer a pre­dic­tion, very real, of what is to fol­low.

It’s now the 175th is­sue (April edi­tion 2017) and wel­come is still the op­er­a­tive word to ex­change news and views, read­ers and con­trib­u­tors aided and abet­ted by editorial staff in a homely fash­ion, even in­ter­na­tion­ally ex­tended.

I thor­oughly agree with Terry that time is the en­emy and we need to make the most of it ex­cept, there’s pos­si­bly an ex­emp­tion in the world of Let’s Talk and all who live in her.

This is the evoca­tive Neil Haver­son who is still hav­ing his ‘Last Word’ with bril­liantly good ad­vice, now on how to cope with re­tire­ment, in a help­lessly amus­ing way and a let’s have fun at­ti­tude.

He is giv­ing a lot of folk a mes­sage that re­tire­ment isn’t the end and it can be a be­gin­ning of a dif­fer­ent new life ahead, spiced with fun and hu­mour.

Ac­cord­ing to Terry, time is the en­emy but Let’s Talk and all who live in her can give us smiles and the best of hu­mour.

MAR­GARET HA­LEY Nor­wich Nor­folk

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