Whoops, my mis­take

Let's Talk - - POSTBAG - DAVID M COE Nor­wich Nor­folk Editor’s note: Thank you for let­ting us know. You are cor­rect about our read­ers. They have a great depth of knowl­edge about many top­ics.

The let­ter writ­ten by me you kindly pub­lished in the lat­est (May) is­sue of Let’s Talk con­tains an er­ror of which two peo­ple have al­ready tele­phoned me to point out my mis­take.

Hu­man urine freezes at around mi­nus five de­grees C and not five de­grees C, as it came out in my let­ter.

It was en­tirely my mis­take be­cause I re­mem­ber I tried to be clever when writ­ing the let­ter, us­ing a dash, in­stead of the word mi­nus and must have missed the key.

I did not pick up my er­ror when check­ing the let­ter at the end.

It proves, how­ever, that the read­ers of this magazine are very alert and knowl­edge­able on ev­ery sub­ject and if any­one else con­tacts you, please in­form them it was my slip-up and cer­tainly no one else’s.

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