Golden mem­o­ries of time spent rid­ing pil­lion with young­sters in the side­car

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My hus­band loved the out­door life, be­ing a boy scout, a scout leader, join­ing the Army cadet force and com­plet­ing his two years of Na­tional Ser­vice be­fore a year in Korea.

We were mar­ried in 1951 and had many hol­i­days or week­ends when we would pack tents and travel on my hus­band’s mo­tor­cy­cle and pitch our tent.

When our two chil­dren came along we changed the mo­tor­cy­cle for one with a side­car.

My brother also just had a mo­tor­cy­cle and he had two boys about the same ages as my two so my two would ride in the front and his two boys would ride in the back of the side­car while my sis­ter-in- law and I would ride pil­lion on the back of the bikes.

As my chil­dren grew, we ex­changed the mo­tor­cy­cle for a van and I would take our small tent, the chil­dren hav­ing a mat­tress on the back of the van (would not dare to do that now) and go camp­ing at week­ends and for hol­i­days, un­til my chil­dren left home and we could af­ford a car and a car­a­van.

I am now on my own liv­ing in shel­tered hous­ing but I will al­ways have my mem­o­ries.

I am 85 years old.

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