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My first mem­ory was go­ing to North Wal­sham mar­ket when I was a school­boy.

It was on Park Lane where the Pas­ton surgery is now. It was a live­stock, dead­stock mar­ket run by Ire­lands Auc­tion­eers and it sold pigs, chick­ens, rab­bits, ducks, geese, and any­thing from cy­cles to tools, plants and veg­eta­bles.

Deal­ers would buy chick­ens, rab­bits and pigs. My fa­ther would buy rab­bits for breed­ing and chick­ens for the pot and goslings to fat­ten for Christ­mas.

North Wal­sham was a busy town then but as soon as the mar­ket closed it had a big im­pact on the town. There was also a cat­tle mar­ket where Roys shop is now and the pubs did a good trade on mar­ket days.

I also went to Stal­ham mar­ket on a Tues­day run by Howlett and Edrich. It was where the Tesco su­per­mar­ket is now. We used to bike from Knap­ton where I lived. Fa­ther would take a crate on his bike in case he bought chick­ens or goslings.

There was also a fur­ni­ture sale there and Dad would buy a sofa or side­board or some­thing.

Deal­ers came from miles around and you would al­ways meet some­one you knew to have a chat with.

I also went to Ayl­sham mar­ket on a Mon­day. I once bought some tim­ber to build a pheas­ant run. I asked the auc­tion­eer if he could bring it home for me as it was too long to go in my car.

I have also been to Acle sale on a Thurs­day. It had two sale­grounds, one was Howlett and Edrich and the other Wa­ters and Son.

Howlett and Edrich sold mainly cat­tle, and Wa­ters sold poul­try and rab­bits etc. Wa­ters has gone now but Howlett and Edrich is now Horners.


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From our archives, a scene from mar­ket day at Acle in 1978.

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