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Raspberry Pi 3

Mid-1980s FM in­ter­com 2.3-inch Visaton FR58 8-ohm full-range speaker Voice HAT ac­ces­sory board

Voice HAT mi­cro­phone board

Switch from ar­cade-style push but­ton

4-wire but­ton cable 5-wire daugh­ter board cable

Above To in­te­grate the Pi-pow­ered in­ter­com with as many smart de­vices as pos­si­ble in his home, Martin used IFTTT (If This Then That) to pair to­gether trig­gers and ac­tions from var­i­ous on­line ser­vices that he’d added to his IFTTT ac­count. He says,...

Above Putting the in­ter­com to­gether in­volved a lucky break: Martin says that had the case “been even 5mm smaller in any di­rec­tion it just wouldn’t have worked”. As it was, he had to trim away plas­tic pro­tru­sions in­side the case, such as posts, with a...

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