Cus­tom min­i­mal distri­bu­tion

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Ditch ready-made so­lu­tions and craft your own lean Linux by hand.

In­stall min­i­mal ubuntu

Be­gin by down­load­ing the min­i­mal Ubuntu ISO that in­cludes the least num­ber of com­po­nents re­quired to boot Linux. Dur­ing in­stal­la­tion, the in­staller shows the tasksel tool for se­lect­ing ad­di­tional com­po­nents; se­lect one of the min­i­mal graph­i­cal en­vi­ron­ments.

cus­tomise the in­stall

Af­ter in­stal­la­tion, boot into the distri­bu­tion and add and re­move pack­ages as per your needs us­ing the pack­age man­ager. You can also man­u­ally in­stall apps by down­load­ing pre-pack­aged bi­na­ries and mod­ify other as­pects of the in­stal­la­tion such as menus and themes.

clean the in­stall

When you’ve made all the changes, it’s best to re­move any un­nec­es­sary files from the in­stal­la­tion. While you can do this man­u­ally, save your­self a lot of time by us­ing BleachBit. Also head to Edit > Pref­er­ences > Lan­guages to re­move any ad­di­tional lan­guage packs.

In­stall bod­hibuilder Bod­hibuilder is a graph­i­cal tool that has been forked from the re­mas­ter­sys script by the Bodhi Linux project; we’ll use it to turn our cus­tom in­stal­la­tion into a dis­tributable ISO im­age. The script is avail­able as a bi­nary and works on all Ubuntu-based dis­tri­bu­tions.

Set pa­ram­e­ters

Fire up the app and switch to the Set­tings tab to de­fine the name of your cus­tom distri­bu­tion. The Ac­tions tab of­fers sev­eral build op­tions. The Backup op­tion will roll the in­stal­la­tion into an ISO im­age with the ex­act same set­tings as your desk­top and is meant for your own use.

Build and share

To cre­ate a dis­tributable ISO, you should use the Dist op­tion. This ex­cludes all your per­sonal set­tings and only in­cludes your app se­lec­tion. Be­fore you press this but­ton, you can op­tion­ally use the but­tons at the bot­tom of the in­ter­face to set a cus­tom im­age for the boot­loader.

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