From de­bug­ging to ex­ploit­ing

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There are a bunch of GDB plug-ins that aid with the te­dious task of de­bug­ging bi­na­ries, while pro­vid­ing some use­ful tools for ex­ploit de­vel­op­ment and test­ing along the way.


We have used PEDA a lot in the past for solv­ing CTFs. Its pat­tern match­ing for off­set cal­cu­la­tion is a very nice fea­ture.

2 PEDA-arm

Now you can de­bug ARM bi­na­ries us­ing PEDA, thanks to PEDA-arm. It’s your chance to find any flaws on An­droid­based bi­na­ries!

3 pwndbg­wndbg

This plug-in also helps a lot with ex­ploit de­vel­op­ment and it even ships with Radare2 and IDA Pro in­te­gra­tion out of the box. We don’t care much about IDA, but hav­ing r2 in­te­gra­tion is very nice.


GDB En­hanced Fea­tures is an amaz­ing GDB plug-in that is ar­chi­tec­ture-ag­nos­tic, so it’s ideal for de­bug­ging and ex­ploit­ing de­vel­op­ment and test­ing.

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