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the lat­est in­no­va­tions and gad­gets to help you get a good night’s rest

* the ul­ti­mate mat­tress. De­sign is mov­ing on in leaps and bounds when it comes to the springy stuff, so you don’t have to spend a king’s ran­som to sleep like roy­alty. Bri­tish brand hügge’s de­signs start at £395 at har­rods and com­bine two types of mem­ory foam with a more tra­di­tional zoned foam base layer for com­fort, support and breatha­bil­ity.

* space-age du­vets. orig­i­nally de­vel­oped for nasa, out­last is an in­tel­li­gent thermo-reg­u­lat­ing fab­ric that ab­sorbs heat to keep you cool, then re­leases it if the tem­per­a­ture drops. Rested has in­cor­po­rated the ma­te­rial into its out­last All sea­sons du­vet, from £165, en­sur­ing that you will never again be too hot or too cold in bed. It’s great if your part­ner has dif­fer­ent pref­er­ences too, as it ad­justs to suit more than one per­son. * Dream pil­lows. Do you ever find your­self turn­ing your pil­low over half­way through the night to get to the cool side? try the igel Bliss tem­per­a­ture Reg­u­la­tion pil­low, £64.99, from Ben­sons for Beds. It con­tains gel crys­tals to help toss­ing and turn­ing as­so­ci­ated with tem­per­a­ture im­bal­ance. If you need added neck and shoul­der support, the Soft Touch pil­low by Mag­ni­flex,

£60, at QVC, is made from a high-tech mem­ory foam stud­ded with tiny holes for com­fort and good air flow.

* sleep app. cre­ated by the team be­hind suc­cess­ful mind­ful­ness app Bud­dhify, sleep­ful­ness is free and in­cludes 10 tracks de­signed to help you re­lax and drift off, such as tips

on how to breathe well to support sleep and us­ing nam­ing tech­niques to ban­ish neg­a­tive think­ing. you can also buy add-on tracks for help with spe­cific prob­lems such as stress

and pain. the app is awash with rest­ful pas­tel colours too, fur­ther help­ing you ease into the land of nod. * elec­tronic in­no­va­tion. the Al­pha-stim M, £662.50, from tower health is a lit­tle de­vice with big ben­e­fits. This dig­i­tal tool claims to re­duce in­som­nia and anx­i­ety by as much as 94 per cent in five weeks, with the Us army and nu­mer­ous medics ex­tolling its virtues. It comes with

elec­trodes that con­nect to your ear­lobes for be­tween 20 and 60 min­utes, de­liv­er­ing a mi­crocur­rent that stim­u­lates re­lax­ing brain waves.

the gad­get also re­duces pain from con­di­tions that can in­hibit sleep, such as arthri­tis.

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