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Fon­due les Al­pages From the Alps Re­gion by Bernard Mure-Ravaud Serves 4-8


400g (14oz) beau­fort cheese

200g (7oz) abon­dance cheese

400g (14oz) comté cheese

250ml (8½fl oz/1 cup) dry white wine

A one-day-old baguette, cut into 1cm (1/3in) slices Method 1 Trim the rind of all the cheeses and grate them very finely. Don’t com­press the grated cheese. 2 Place half the wine in a fon­due pan on low heat. Add about one-third of the cheese and stir us­ing a wooden spoon as the cheese starts melt­ing. 3 When the cheese is well on the way to melt­ing, add half the re­main­ing wine and half the re­main­ing cheese, stir­ring as it con­tin­ues to melt. Add the re­main­ing wine and cheese and stir again un­til it has al­most melted. 4 Lift the cheese slightly from the pan, us­ing a spoon, to give it a bit of elas­tic­ity. The cheese is ready when it is stretchy. This is now the fon­due. 5 Do not al­low the fon­due to boil; it must not be­come too hot. 6 Keep the fon­due warm on a fon­due burner. 7 Cut the baguette slices in half. At­tach pieces of bread to fon­due forks and dip the bread in the cheese, twist­ing the fork un­til the cheese sticks to the bread.

I had never eaten a great fon­due un­til I tasted this dish pre­pared by a cheese master us­ing won­der­ful cheeses. It’s easy to make; the se­cret is to melt the cheese slowly. You will need a cheese fon­due set

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