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The time that plan­ning per­mis­sion is con­sid­ered to be valid in France has in­creased from two years to three, with an op­tion to in­crease to five. Un­til this year, plan­ning con­sent granted for a con­struc­tion or ren­o­va­tion pro­ject in France was al­lowed a max­i­mum pe­riod of two years to start con­struc­tion works. This rul­ing has since al­tered af­ter the French govern­ment de­creed that the du­ra­tion of va­lid­ity be in­creased by an­other year, with the right to re­new for two suc­ces­sive years, one year at a time. The change in law ap­plies to both plan­ning con­sents ( per­mis de con­stru­ire) and for the lesser works dec­la­ra­tions (déc­la­ra­tion

préal­able). It also ap­plies to de­mo­li­tion per­mits, in the more lim­ited cir­cum­stances where th­ese are re­quired. How­ever, if an ap­pli­cant wished to pro­long the con­sent be­yond three years, it is sub­ject to cer­tain con­di­tions. Th­ese terms in­clude that the ap­pli­cant starts build­ing works within the three-year pe­riod, hold­ing dec­la­ra­tions to that ef­fect. Se­condly, the ap­pli­ca­tion for an ex­ten­sion must be sub­mit­ted at least two months prior to the ex­piry date of the ex­ist­ing dead­line and no change in plan­ning reg­u­la­tions that would un­favourably af­fect the

con­sent granted must have oc­curred.

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