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Prices for a vine­yard in France rose by an av­er­age of 3% last year, with the av­er­age price for an AOP vine­yard out­side Cham­pagne reach­ing €64,100 a hectare. Ac­cord­ing to SAFER, the French land agency, 9,180 vine­yards were sold in 2015, down by 1.9% from 2014, with the sales value to­talling €804 mil­lion, up 2.1%. How­ever, it’s thought the size and buoy­ancy of the mar­ket dis­guises con­sid­er­able dif­fer­ences in price and sales ac­tiv­ity, with some ap­pel­la­tions record­ing sta­ble or fall­ing prices. The Bordeaux area, which has been in­creas­ingly pop­u­lar with Chi­nese buy­ers in re­cent years, ac­counted for 21% of sales in 2015 and 25% of the sales value. Pauil­lac is the most ex­pen­sive ap­pel­la­tion in Bordeaux, com­mand­ing an av­er­age €2m per hectare. AOP vine­yard prices in Cham­pagne rose by an av­er­age 1.8% last year, and by 0.8% in Langue­doc-Rous­sil­lon.

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