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The phrase ‘lo­ca­tion, lo­ca­tion, lo­ca­tion’ doesn’t just ap­ply to the prop­erty you’ve bought. Fol­low these sim­ple tips to help you get the best speed:

The higher the modem is lo­cated the bet­ter. Wifi sig­nals are sent out ra­di­ally and down­wards.

Modems do not like mi­crowaves and white goods, so the kitchen isn’t the best place to choose. They don’t like tele­vi­sions or mir­rors ei­ther.

Ev­ery modem has sev­eral wifi chan­nels but is fac­tory pre­set us­ing just one of three. Some of the lat­est modems au­to­mat­i­cally se­lect the best chan­nel, oth­er­wise you can ask your tele­com com­pany to change it for you.

Make sure you have used your se­cu­rity code to stop oth­ers us­ing your ser­vice and slow­ing it down.

If your wifi sig­nal still can­not reach parts of your home then you might want to con­sider pur­chas­ing a wifi ex­ten­der. Search on sites such as ama­ as the re­views will be in English and eas­ier to fol­low if your French skills aren’t up to the chal­lenge, but buy from a French site such as ama­ as the guar­an­tee will be more use­ful and the equip­ment will have the cor­rect plugs.

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