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A French court has banned a cou­ple from giv­ing their baby a name which in­cludes the tilde ac­cent (ñ), as it does not com­ply with French law. The Bre­ton cou­ple wanted to call their baby boy ‘Fañch’, but the courts have ruled that the name can­not in­clude non-French char­ac­ters.

“The prin­ci­ple ac­cord­ing to which ba­bies’ names are cho­sen by their mothers and fa­thers must have lim­its when it comes to us­ing a spell­ing which in­cludes a char­ac­ter un­recog­nised by the French lan­guage,” the court in Quim­per ruled, de­spite the fact the re­gion has its own lan­guage. The baby’s par­ents are adamant that their bat­tle isn’t over: “He will have his tilde, that’s for sure,” the baby’s fa­ther said.

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