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RED5 Own Mes­sage Desk Fan This 16cm desk fan lit­er­ally makes a state­ment. Plug it into your computer’s USB port for power and while you’re at it, you can use a sim­ple piece of soft­ware to pro­gram up to 20 cus­tom il­lu­mi­nated mes­sages to be dis­played by LED lights on the spin­ning fan blades. It’s £24.99 at john­

NSA Recharge­able Col­umn Fan Col­umn fans are pow­er­ful beasts that don’t take up too much floor space but they’re a pain to move around the house. NSA’s model, right, is recharge­able, with a bat­tery life of up to eight hours’ cord­less use, so it’s more por­ta­ble. Fea­tures in­clude an aroma tray for adding scented oils, a re­mote con­trol and a sleep timer to help keep you cool at bed­time. Priced £161.99 at

Ne­tatmo Healthy Home Coach Whether it’s pollen, pol­lu­tion or house­hold chem­i­cals, Lon­don­ers’ air qual­ity is a health con­cern in­doors as well as out­side. This com­pact gad­get, left, mea­sures air qual­ity, hu­mid­ity, tem­per­a­ture and noise in the home and re­lays data and alerts to an app. It’s ex­tra help­ful for man­ag­ing asthma and al­ler­gies, and a spe­cial baby mode can send you alerts if the nurs­ery gets too warm. It’s £89.99 at ne­

Swan Retro Desk Fan This sim­ple, stylish 12in desk fan from Swan fea­tures three speed set­tings, ad­justable tilt and os­cil­lates to cool the whole room. But we es­pe­cially love the range of retro colours, with bright and pas­tel shades avail­able. It’s pow­er­ful enough for most rooms and costs £49.99 but if you re­ally want to go large, Swan also of­fers a 16in floor-stand­ing fan for £69.99, again in a good range of colours. Visit

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link This new Dyson, right, does ev­ery­thing you’d ex­pect from the com­pany’s Air Mul­ti­plier fans — and more. A built-in HEPA fil­ter im­proves air qual­ity as the fan op­er­ates, re­mov­ing 99.95 per cent of ul­tra-fine par­ti­cles as small as 0.1 mi­crons. Sen­sors de­tect air qual­ity then ad­just air­flow to en­sure op­ti­mum fil­tra­tion. You can even track in­door air qual­ity via app. A built-in heater makes it use­ful year round. It’s £499.99 at

Honey­well HT354EI This large, square Honey­well Qui­etSet Fan makes very lit­tle noise, so it’s dis­creet any­where but es­pe­cially per­fect for cool­ing down a bed­room on a sum­mer’s night. Dig­i­tal con­trols on the front let you choose be­tween its four power set­tings, with noise lev­els rang­ing from 39 to 51 deci­bels. The price is £49.99 — visit ar­

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