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The re­sults with this test were im­pres­sive. In sec­onds it found 13 ar­eas less than an hour’s com­mute from Soho Square, in places where one-bed­room flats have an av­er­age ask­ing price un­der £200,000. The cheap­est was Da­gen­ham, 11 miles from Char­ing Cross in the large, mul­ti­cul­tural bor­ough of Bark­ing where a one-bed­room flat costs an av­er­age of £185,000. For this, you get a home on the Tube, in Zone 5 on the District line.

For those with an eye to the fu­ture, Right­move says look at Chad­well Heath, a rel­a­tively af­flu­ent sub­urb in the east Lon­don bor­ough of Red­bridge. Not only does it of­fer flats with an av­er­age ask­ing price of £190,000, it is just a 21-minute com­mute to Lon­don Liver­pool Street and will also get Cross­rail. When the El­iz­a­beth line fully opens in De­cem­ber 2019, pas­sen­gers will be able to travel to cen­tral Lon­don in 30 min­utes and Heathrow air­port in less than an hour, with­out chang­ing trains.

If your bud­get won’t quite stretch that far and you’re will­ing to com­mute that bit fur­ther, con­sider Har­low, a for­mer new town west of Es­sex on the bor­der of Hert­ford­shire. Here a onebed­room flat has an av­er­age ask­ing price of £154,000. For this rel­a­tively mod­est amount, you can zip into Lon­don Liver­pool Street in a lit­tle over 30 min­utes, with six trains an hour at peak times.


Once you have kids, a dog, or just a lot of stuff, you need to up­size your Lon­don pad. Do­ing this, Right­move shows, means step­ping up from an av­er­age flat in the cap­i­tal, priced £508,000, to an av­er­age ter­race house, at £638,000 — a whop­ping £130,000 more.

Swap your com­mute from one train or Tube to another, and you can swap your flat for a house, gain ex­tra room and po­ten­tially a huge dol­lop of change, too. Again, Right­move’s “Where can I live?” tool pro­vides sev­eral com­muter ar­eas where you could buy a three-bed­room home un­der £350,000.

Steve­nage, 32 miles north of Lon­don in Hert­ford­shire, was a new town 70 years ago. With an av­er­age ask­ing price of £280,000 it is a good place to start. With a 30-minute av­er­age com­mute and more than 144 trains a day to King’s Cross, you’ll be back in cen­tral Lon­don

Get the bal­ance right: you’ve ac­cu­mu­lated kids, a dog and an aw­ful lot of “stuff”, so you’ll need more space. The new tool from Right­move helps you to iden­tify houses in your price range within an ac­cept­able com­mute of your work ad­dress

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