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No one loves a sleep bore, but there comes a point in life when sleep gets very, very sexy. When sleep is what you de­sire, what you fan­ta­sise about, what you plot and scheme to get. Un­bro­ken, deep, calm, restora­tive sleep. Alert, re­freshed, wide-eyed, rar­ing-to-go morn­ings.

One bad night is par for the course, but when you find your­self turn­ing off the light and dread­ing what the night will hold? When each wake­ful pocket of the wee small hours feels like a ‘f*** you’ and ev­ery slug­gish, black-ringed, over­whelmed morn­ing starts to erode your ca­pac­ity for joy? Well, that’s when you start look­ing for so­lu­tions.

Laven­der on the pil­low, drops, sprays, mists? Non­sense. Late-night yoga? Tried it and slept laugh­ably badly. Sleepy tea? Oh, please. A 20-minute soak in a bath with Ther­a­pie Hi­malayan Detox Salts? A night of al­most in­de­cently gor­geous slum­ber fol­lowed by a day of calm good­will. Pleas­ingly pink, the salts glit­ter at the bot­tom of the tub un­til you hop in and swirl them around. There is a faint whiff of aro­mather­apy but you’re not in this for the smell. This isn’t a bub­bling, oily, fra­grant sit­u­a­tion, it’s a dif­fer­ent kind of in­dul­gence. It’s tak­ing the time to let the en­ergy in the crys­tals bal­ance the en­ergy in your body. And per­haps mind. And even spirit. Sleep well, my beau­ties. Ther­a­pie Hi­malayan Detox Salts, £37, at cult­

Pleas­ingly pink, the salts glit­ter at the bot­tom of the tub

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