‘How I Re­ally Get Celebs Look­ing So Good’

Stars are bang­ing down her door for her amaz­ing meal plans. We grilled A-list food go-to Madeleine Shaw for her se­crets


If you don’t know Madeleine Shaw’s name, you’ll cer­tainly know her face. She’s the perma-smi­ley, rosy-cheeked blonde who pops up in the In­sta­gram snaps along­side the likes of Mil­lie Mack­in­tosh, Gizzi Ersk­ine and Tanya Burr – not that you’d no­tice them. When Madeleine’s in the frame, all eyes are drawn to her, sim­ply be­cause she looks so whole­some, healthy and, well, happy.

And it seems her celeb pals feel the same, at least judg­ing by the fig­u­ra­tive queue out­side her front door to get a con­sul­ta­tion with the full-time nu­tri­tion­ist and food blog­ger. But be­fore you dis­miss her as a health bore whose diet you could never main­tain, con­sider this – Madeleine, 25, wasn’t al­ways this way. In fact, her diet used to be pretty shock­ing.

‘When I was 18, my diet was ter­ri­ble, I guess it al­ways had been,’ Madeleine re­vealed in an ex­clu­sive chat with Look last week. ‘I wouldn’t eat enough be­cause I wanted to be skinny and then I’d binge as I was hun­gry and I’d feel aw­ful about my­self. It was a vi­cious cy­cle.

‘My body be­gan to re­act to my diet,’ she adds. ‘I had re­ally bad di­ges­tive prob­lems and I lit­er­ally couldn’t do or eat any­thing with­out feel­ing and look­ing bloated, it was aw­ful. I de­vel­oped IBS and my pe­ri­ods even stopped for a while. On top of that I had dull skin and hair, and I slept all the time.’

Madeleine’s light-bulb mo­ment only came when she got a job cook­ing in an or­ganic café. ‘It changed my life,’ she re­veals. ‘I started to eat proper foods and I learnt how to cook. It made such a dif­fer­ence to my health and en­ergy.

‘It was also the first time that my job felt ef­fort­less and I quickly de­cided that I wanted to work some­where in the health-food world, I just wasn’t sure what it was.’

Fast-for­ward five years and Madeleine is the liv­ing em­bod­i­ment of her dream, with her first cook­book pub­lished next week, a suc­cess­ful nu­tri­tion­ist busi­ness and a sup­per club that sees her feed hun­gry food fans once a month in Lon­don. She’s even a fully trained yoga in­struc­tor!

But how did she go from a calo­riecount­ing ob­ses­sive to this con­tented, happy soul? We caught up with her to find out the lessons she teaches her celeb clients.

Madeleine’s book Get The Glow (£20, Orion) is out on 23 April

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