I think peo­ple for­get that act­ing is just a job at the end of the day


for those first few weeks, be­cause there were only three of us. Ac­tion movies sound like such hard work – how did you get in shape? It’s weird, I’ve never had to fight in a movie [be­fore], but it’s some­thing I’ve al­ways wanted to do. So it was chal­leng­ing, but en­joy­able. It was like a boot­camp. In the morn­ing, we fo­cused on move­ment, then we did ac­cent work and went to the set. Then at night, we did move­ment again. Be­cause we were do­ing loads of fight se­quences, there was a lot of work in­volved, and no time for feel­ing over­whelmed. You’re star­ring in a comic book film. Just how geeky are you? [Laughs] Not re­ally [at all]! I prob­a­bly shouldn’t say that out loud. But comics are one thing and movies are an­other. I love Star Wars and Lord Of The Rings. I’m a huge fan of all of them. You’ve been in some big movies over the last few years, but this film is set to send you strato­spheric. Are you ready to be recog­nised when­ever you walk down the street? I think that [de­pends on] your choices in life. I’m not too both­ered, be­cause I don’t go to events that I don’t need to be go­ing to. Even when I’m in­vited and I re­ally want to see that per­son’s movie, if I’m not in­volved, I’m not go­ing to go [to the pre­miere]. If you’re putting your­self out there in some sort of way, that wel­comes it. That’s what ev­ery­one says! [Laughs] No one ever knows where I am at any given time, be­cause I’m al­ways trav­el­ling around. Your sis­ters, Mary-kate and Ash­ley, are ob­vi­ously hugely suc­cess­ful – has see­ing what they’ve ex­pe­ri­enced helped you to cope with the at­ten­tion? I think they know how to han­dle it and I just try to do what they do, be­cause they are very pri­vate. [It helps be­cause] they’re not in films [any more], so they don’t have to do a lot of in­ter­views – only ones for their fash­ion lines, so it’s a more con­trolled en­vi­ron­ment than it is for me. Did they in­spire you to get into act­ing? No, be­cause I was too young to re­ally ap­pre­ci­ate what they were go­ing through [when I was younger]. I think it made me wise to the in­dus­try, but they were just my sis­ters to me. Still, it must be hard when peo­ple sug­gest your re­cent suc­cess is be­cause of them… There’s no nepo­tism in­volved; I worked hard for it. I could have asked my sis­ters to pull a few strings for me, but it was never needed. Are you more fa­mous than them now? [Laughs] I just think we’re all do­ing our own thing, work­ing away. It’s a job at the end of the day; I think peo­ple for­get that.

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