#Trend­ing Now Ryan Gosling ÔIÕM A Fem­i­nist. It Makes Senseõ

#film chat­ted to Ryan ac­tual Gosling about his di­rec­to­rial de­but, #music


Hey, ryan. So, first things first – con­grats on di­rect­ing your first film! How does it feel? It’s ex­cit­ing. It’s cool to fi­nally have it come out. All in all it’s [taken] three years [to make], so that’s very dif­fer­ent from any ex­pe­ri­ence I’ve ever had. When you’re act­ing, you only spend a few months with some­thing, so to have this amount of time is re­ally like a marathon. Why did you choose to set the film in detroit? I had a ro­man­tic idea of Detroit as a kid. It was the birth­place of the Amer­i­can dream. And then when I got there it was very dif­fer­ent. Fam­i­lies try­ing to keep their homes while their neigh­bour­hoods are be­ing torn down around them. It’s like that dream has be­come a night­mare. I wanted to make a film about that. The ‘hey girl’ memes are still ev­ery­where. What do you think of them? [Laughs] I don’t know what to make of that. It’s a ‘wrong place, wrong time’ kind of thing. I think I came around when they started mak­ing memes or some­thing, I don’t know! What about the ‘fem­i­nist ryan Gosling’ car­toons – how do you feel about them? I don’t know. I have re­ally strong fe­male char­ac­ters in my life. I al­ways have, so I feel like it makes sense… So you would de­scribe your­self as a fem­i­nist? Oh yeah. Sure!

Lost River is out now

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